Rugs Selection

Whether you seek a statement piece for your living room, a cozy addition to your bedroom, or an inviting touch for your entryway, we have the perfect rug for you. Explore a wide range of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials to find your ideal match.
1) Area of use - For many of us, carpets have been in our fantasies, ever since we saw Aladdin flying on one. While a flying one isn’t available yet, they still are very fascinating pieces of craftsmanship. Buying the right piece of this art, is a science in itself. Just as a 100cc Bike can not perform as a 200cc bike, a rug made for low traffic conditions of a bedroom or a study, can not survive the high traffic conditions of stairway or hallway. A wool rug surely offers high endurance, but is apt for indoor usage only & can be ruined by out-door use.
2) Color - Fashion faux-pas are not limited to wardrobes, it can become in home reality for us with even the most beautiful wrong-colored rug. Always chose a color that makes your home look more spacious & lavish. As a thumb-rule, light colors add more perceived space in your home. Identify the color scheme that dominates your home, & go with it. The aim is to balance the bright & light pallets.
3) Shape - This again, is a very important criteria to choose your rug, based on your room shape, furniture setting pattern, choose a shape that complements your interior. When placing the rug in the middle of a cluster of furniture setting, make sure it is large enough to touch all the furniture, placed in its periphery. Rectangular area rugs are a good choice for living rooms, while for bedroom, a rectangular runner rug is more apt, a circular rug around an easy chair / porch seat is a good idea.
4) Size - Choosing the right sized rug is also very critical to accentuate your interiors, you don’t want the rug to look too small (akin a doormat), at the same time an oversized rug can end up engulfing all your carpet area – a few simple rules can help, for instance, for bedside, a small runner rug as wide as the bed is a go-to look, for the dining room, the rug should cover the entire expanse of the dining table, chairs included. A measuring tape is your true friend, while planning for buying the perfect Rug.
5) Pattern - Patterns are the words your Rug constantly chants in your room, they set the tonality of the room. One should always choose the rug that agrees with the lines & patterns that the remaining decor in the room follows. There is a wide variety to choose from, once should acquaint themselves with the options available & the combinations n vogue – some research is a good idea. Like a kids’ room needs some pep, color & inspiration, while your living room is a window into your life-style – carefully choose between floral, solid, lines, bordered designs to fit well with the other elements of your interiors.
6) Material - Material defines many of the structural & functional qualities of a Rug, along with the price. For instance, a Wool rug is a wonderful choice for your living room, but not next to a fireplace. For out-door use, a Jute rug is ideal, in your dining area, nylon or leather rugs are great, as they are resistant to stains, while wool or cotton in the same area can give you cleaning nightmares.